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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Tropical Rural Development - Sviluppo Rurale Tropicale



Food security and water management, availability of medicinal plants, conservation of biological and cultural diversity, valorisation of local traditions are some of the major problems that affect the development of rural areas in not developed areas overseas. The level of intensifications and environmental impact of the different solutions possible to face these problems must be carefully considered case by case. Modern technologies can bring consistent increase of productivity in advanced areas; at the same time costly technologies with high environmental impact cannot be proposed in marginal areas where, instead, sustainable solutions can be implemented with reduced costs and can be based on the scientific modernization of local traditions.


Identity of the course

The university course in Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development (MSc university degree) of the University of Florence with the participation of "Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo", promotes research and professional training in the sectors of modern and sustainable agriculture, forestry and animal sciences, and identifies as preferential area of intervention the little and medium farms of the less industrialized areas of the globe.



Mission of the University course in Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development is the education and training of agronomists expert in the technical and scientific areas of food production, environmental conservation, rural development.


Employment opportunities

This graduation program is primarily designed for the training of basic operators, project designers and coordinators, in the area of cooperation for rural development, environmental monitoring in tropical environment and international marketing of livestock, crop and forestry products.
Potential employers are to identify within:

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in development and cooperation
  • National and international institutions working on agricultural cooperation and development
  • National and international institutions responsible for food safety in relation to international trade
  • Companies operating in production and marketing of agricultural and livestock products overseas with special focus on tropical and subtropical areas
  • National and international research institutions working on agriculture and rural environment.
last update: 29-July-2016
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