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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Tropical Rural Development - Sviluppo Rurale Tropicale


Welcome Day


The Welcome Day of Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development (NRMTRD) was celebrated on Tuesday 26 of November 2019 in the Aula Magna of the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environmental and Forestry - DAGRI of Florence University.

After an introduction of prof. Edgardo Giordani, , prof. Andrea Pardini President of the Master Course described the program and the objectives of the Course.

Prof. Silvia Scaramuzzi and prof. Elena Bresci, delegates of the Internationalization and Cooperation of DAGRI-UNIFI, presented the purposes of the international exchanges and the experiences abroad and Prof. Francesco Garbati Pegna illustrated the Association of Tropical Agricultural and Environmental Sciences for the Cooperation and Development (ASAT), its aims and organization.

Prof. Vivian Severino of the Universidad de la República of Uruguay, visiting professor at DAGRI-UNIFI, was invited to give a talk about Uruguay and its fruit growing.

Viola Stefanizzi, a post graduate student of the MsC, has talk about her experiences abroad and three students of the Course, one from Ethiopia, one from Afghanistan and one from Iran, presented their expectations, their countries and their view about the AICS - Partnership for Knowledge.


1 - ASAT presentation by Prof. Francesco Garbati Pegna 

2 - International student mobility  by Prof. Silvia Scaramuzzi 

3 - Experiences abroad by Prof. Elena Bresci

4 - Fruitculture in Uruguay by Prof. Vivian Severino

5 - Students presentation

The agreements in force between DAGRI-UNIFI and other Universities are shown in

foto 2

Prof. Edgardo Giordani

foto 1

Prof. Pardini. prof. Giordani, prof. Scaramuzzi, prof. Bresci, prof. Severino and the people who attende to the event.

foto 4

Prof. Silvia Scaramuzzi

foto 3

Prof. Andrea Pardini illustrated the Course.

foto 6

Prof . Francesco Garbati Pegna

foto 5

Prof. Elene Bresci

foto 8

Dr. Viola Stefanizzi, post graduate student

foto 7

Prof Edgardo Giordani and prof. Vibian Severino.

foto 10

The Afghan student

foto 9

The Ethiopian student

foto 11

The Iranian student


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