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Master Degree - Natural resource management for tropical rural development

Organization chart

Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development 

Classe LM-69 



He chairs the Council, convenes it in the manner provided in the University Didactic Regulations and supervises to the course activities. 

Prof. Edgardo Giordani - tel. 055 4574050 – 



Dr. Matteo Buti - tel. 055 2755537 – 


University tutor 

Provides tutoring activities (teachers and researchers), information on training courses within the courses study, the operation of services and student benefits. 

Dr. Graziano  Ghinassi


Teaching Committee 

Reviews and approve curricula, reviews and approves student-related practices 

Prof. Edgardo Giordani, Prof. Elena Bresci, Prof. Caterina Contini.


Internship delegate

Dr. Matteo Buti - tel. 055 2755537 – 


Course Review Group
Prof. Edgardo Giordani, Dr. Anna Dalla Marta, Elisabetta Candeago (student)


Orientation Delegate 

Dr. Francesco Garbati Pegna 


Study Plan Delegates

Prof. Laura Mugnai, Prof. Edgardo Giordani


Study Practices Delegates

Prof. Laura Mugnai, Prof. Edgardo Giordani



Erasmus, Foreign Internships and Internationalization Delegate

Dr. Camilla Dibari


Course Quality Delegate

Dr. Anna Dalla Marta


Communication Committee

Prof. Elena Bresci (Coordinator), Dr. Francesco Garbati Pegna, Prof. Daniele Penna, Dr. Giulio Castelli, Dr. Camilla Dibari.



Dr. Francesco Garbati Pegna 


Student representatives 


Elected for the 2021-23 biennium:
Ibrahim Jamal Ahmed 
last update: 20-Feb-2023
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