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Graduation thesis and scientific publication

General information on the preparation of the graduation thesis is reported in the Guidelines. Based on the quality of the career of the student and on the scientific relevance of the graduation thesis, the research activity may be matter of publication in scientific and technical journals.

The Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry of the University of Florence has a relevant editorial activity being the headquarter of the following international journals:

Examples of scientific papers derived from research activities in the frame of graduation theses:

  • Using AHP and PROMETHEE Multicriteria Decision-Making Approaches to Rank Available Fruit Crops for Orchard Expansion in Nangarhar, Afghanistan ( Student: Mehdi Hassan Muhammadi; paper from a thesis conducted in Italy on the future of Afghan fruitculture. 
  • Modeling-based performance assessment of an indigenous macro-catchment water harvesting technique (Marab) in the Jordanian Badia ( Student: Niccolò Renzi; paper from a thesis conducted in Jordan on a macro-catchment Water Harvesting system in collaboration with ICARDA.
  • Genetic purity of cacao Criollo from Honduras Is revealed by SSR molecular markers ( Student: Erick Ordones from a thesis performed in Honduras and Italy.
  • Berberis burruyacuensis O. R. Dantur, S. Radice, E. Giordani, A. Papini sp. nov. (Berberidaceae): a new species ( Student: Samuele Pedrazzani from a thesis performed in Argentina and Italy.




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