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Master Degree - Natural resource management for tropical rural development
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Guidelines for the use of free credits and free credit recognition

A total of 12 free credits (ECTS) can be chosen independently by the student. This choice is totally free, though within the limits of the educational objectives of the course of study.

The possibilities to account free credits are listed below.


A) Language test (ECTS recognized: 6)

Students are allowed to account free credits, as offered by the LM Course, taking an additional language test among the following: reading comprehension at level B2 of a language of their choice (Spanish - B013690; Portuguese - B013692 ; French - B013686; German - B013688), assuming that none of them is part of the Bachelor's Degree career nor student's mother tongue. The language course must be taken the Language Center of the University of Florence (CLA).


B) Attendance and passing a course offered by UNIFI (ECTS recognized: those of the course)


C) Participation to activities as educational workshops and seminars considered relevant for job opportunities (recognized credits: 6 and/or 3 for a maximum of 9 credits) 

It is possible to use the free credits to participate to activities with profitable attendance such as educational workshops and seminar cycles proposed and approved by the Degree Course for 3 or 6 ECTS, or to attend a training course for job opportunities (3 or 6 CFU). Among the latest the choice can be between the course "Enhancing Skills for Professional Practice" (B021575)” accounting  3 ECTS and/or "Enhancing Skills for professional practice (B021576) " accounting 6 ECTS.

Before starting an individual path, students are invited to contact the Delegates of the study plans of the course in advance by submitting their request in order to be acknowledged in terms of feasibility and ECTS.

Once the activity is completed and for the subsequent recognition of ECTS, students are obliged to send an e-mail request to the Delegates attaching all the documents (certificates of attendance, hours of activities carried out, etc.) acknowledging their effective participation. Afterwards, the Delegates will reply with his/her statement. 

On this regard, student will have to send a formal request to the Segreteria studenti of the Scuola di Agraria using the form below.



In order to reach 12 ECTS free credits, the following possible slots are envisaged, namely 3 ECTS + 9 ECTS or 6 ECTS + 6 ECTS.

It is possible to indicate in the study plan the 12 free credits

a) 3 ECTS Enhancing skills (e.g. a webinar) and a 9 ECTS exam;

b) 6 ECTS as Enhancing skills (e.g. webinar) and a 6 ECTS exam.

It is however possible to register two 3-ECTS activities by asking the Degree Course Council to have recognized 6 ECTS in total deriving from two 3-ECTS activities (example, a 3-ECTS webinar and a 3-ECTS internship, or 2 three-ECTS webinars etc.).



- application form (.pdf , .docx) with stamp (“marca da bollo”), as provided by the Delegates to the study plans

- write to the Segreteria studenti (indicating your student number - matricola) so as to receive a bulletin issued like the one for university fees accounting € 16, for the virtual stamp

- once the € 16 bulletin has been paid by the student, he/she will have to send an email to attaching:

  • The signed application form (like the one attached)

  • Copy of the receipt of the € 16 bulletin

  • Copy of an identity document

  • All the documentation relating to the activity (informally previously examined by the Delegates to the study plans) for which recognition as Enhancing skills is requested).

last update: 02-July-2021
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